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What is an Arduino and should I buy one? Answered

There are a few arduino-related projects on Instructables. Is it worth purchasing one? What exactly is it, and what can it be used for? Also, what is the difference between the standard Arduino and this Freeduino?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Its a programmable circuit board, electronic based projects use them all the. If your into electronic hacking then yea you should get one


9 years ago

The Arduino is a physical computing platform. It is basically a tiny computer on a board that you can use to control LED's, Motors, Servos, Transmitters, etc. or anything you like. It can be programmed using the Arduino IDE in the Arduino programming language, which is a simplified version of the AVR LibC. It is an ideal way for beginners to learn about ebmedded development. There is no difference between an Arduino and a Freeduino. The Arduino is an open source project so the PCB files are all available for anyone. You can make your own Arduino, but you are not allowed to call it an 'arduino'. So, Arduino's are made by the official Arduino team and Freeduino's are 100% compatible clones made elsewhere. The Freeduino's are the best value for money as they are no different to an official Arduino and are usually a lot cheaper. Should you buy one - definetely YES!


Answer 9 years ago

 The difference with the original Arduino and the Freeduino is:

Freeduino has:
- Can choose between a big or small USB, the small USB is the same size has digital camera and some MP3. Really convenient.
- There is a power switch!!
- A trimpot for analogue to digital converter (ADC) reference ( advanced stuff )
- FTDI "bit bang" interface pins ( advanced stuff )
- Cheaper