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What is an ingredient I can add to something that cancels out a very sugary flavor? Answered

I'm making a mixture thats basically sugar and corn syrup, what can I add to the mixture to stop it from being so sweet that it tastes bad? I'm looking for something like a flavor or juice of some kind, and was wondering if lemon juice or something common like that would cancel it out well. As in it works with small amounts compared to large amounts of sugar. And it also has to not affect gelatin. Thanks.



Best Answer 7 years ago

It usually helps to explain what you want to make in more detail.
You can balance sugar with e.g. citric acid or lemon-juice, similarly you could load it up with strong flavours like cloves, cinnamon, cardamon etc.
Or you could load it up with hot-chilli and "anaethatise" a person's mouth...


Thanks for all the answers, Ill use citric acid. Im just going to have to pick one of you since you all suggested acid.

You can make Lemon flavoured Jelly so I guess it's OK - Why not just try or put less sugar in the corn starch??

Acids reduce the effect of sweets on the tongue. But I don't know that they do to gelatin though.