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What is an orangeboard? Answered

I have no idea what that is.



Best Answer 6 years ago

It's your own bit of the website, specifically the part where people can leave comments for you personally, but in public view. It's a little bit like a FaceBook "wall".

Click on view profile then scrool down!

I think it is supposed to be the forum-equivalent of a chalkboard
and it something that belongs to your profile.

It is a place where people can leave messages or comments on the topic of "you",  or it is the comments section of your profile page. 

In contrast to PMs, private messages, messages left on your orangeboard are viewable by everyone who chooses to browse your orangeboard.

In keeping with the chalkboard analogy, there is probably some way to erase, parts of, or all of, your orangeboard, just like you could with a real chalkboard.

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Like a 'wall' in facebook, or comment board on youtube -- a public location to have comments left on your profile. People trying to contact you have the option to either send you a private message to your inbox, or leave a public message on your orangeboard. (ideal for kudos to give public recognition).

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