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What is art? Answered

In the comments, please suggest your answer to the eternal question "What is art?"



I've wrestled with this for over 20 years, but I finally think I'm on to something... here's the direction I'm heading:
"I believe entertainment can aspire to be art, and can become art, but if you set out to make art you're an idiot." -Steve Martin
"Art is moral passion married to entertainment. Moral passion without entertainment is propaganda, and entertainment without moral passion is television."
- Rita Mae Brown

Art is what describes the abstract interpretation of the mind.

art is anything that at least one person defines as  truly beautiful.

art is a lie that makes us realize the truth

. When I click on Gallery (at the top), all I get is a long, blank page. Like it has assigned space for the pics, but no pics. :(

weird. It for me. Give it more time, its really slow to load. I need to re do it soon

Ok, well I opened it in another tab and so I can see if it will load after a bit :-)

It is still sitting there, no pictures, just the black background and the gray "canvas" in front. Nothing else.

works in both safari and firefox. Maybe IE chokes on it

It comes up with FLOCK.....let me retry FF again....

Nope: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9) Gecko/2008052906 Firefox/3.0

Gives me nothing. It pops right up under FLOCK though, nice pictures.

I could be one of a few isolated cases though (I have been in the past LOL).

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That's the most clever definition of "art" I've ever ~~heard~~ read. High five to you : |||| |_|/ However, my Honourable and Venerable Guru, are you sure that new born and young babies are mature enough to be sensitive to the concept of "art" ?

In another thread, Outer Circle said

"I think if you gave a Fifth grade student some sort of medium (i.e. crayons, pencil, mud, tin foil, any of the things your fifth grade art teacher asked you to bring in for class), and told them nothing about art, they'd create something pretty interesting. Having no prior knowledge of art; the history of art, the techniques included with the mediums, would probably lead to some pretty rad stuff."

And I totally agreed.

Surreal art: banana.

I'd tend to say that art is any statement on the human condition, what it means to be human.

This stretches out and covers a huge range of things, if thought is put into it.

Art is fun.


10 years ago

Art is everything.

-that said, I think this can turn into Y.A. flame thread. <_<

To keep it simple, I would have to say that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and many times only in the eye of the artist; but that does not diminish it's prominence as "art".

Art refers to a diverse range of human activities, creations, and expressions that are appealing or attractive to the senses or have some significance to the mind of an individual. The word "art" may be used to cover all or any of the arts, including music, literature and other forms. It is most often used to refer specifically to the visual arts, including media such as painting, sculpture, and printmaking. However it can also be applied to forms of art that stimulate the other senses, such as music, an auditory art. Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy which considers art.