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What is better Cereal orrrrrrrrr oatmeal? Answered

all i want is ur personal opinions not sum hokis pokis crap about video games.... ( i would like to know which is better...)


im in da mood for some oatmeal right now home skittles!

Strawberry Special K all the way! I eat at least 3 bowls a day.

Pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't oatmeal a kind of cereal?

(Isn't oatmeal what y'all call porridge? One step short of marine cement?)

If you're gonna be throwin' "ya'll" around in regards to breakfast cereals Ah must insist you be talkin' about grits.

I had grits, once.

Just once.

Goes green again

Pfft! Were they cheese grits? Those are the best. Now I'm hungry. :(

Cheese grits are the best, but only when it's real cheese, not the packet kind.

Parmesan and cheddar FTW. Now I'm starving!

Someone didn't know how to make them (you dislike corn ?). I like them cooked mixed with an egg and maybe some cheese :-)

oatmeal is a kind of cereal; hot cereal, its called. but i thought that oatmeal and porridge are two different things :/

Porridge is made by boiling oats (normally crushed oats, occasionally oatmeal) or another cereal in water, milk, or both. Crushed oats is not like "rolled oats" that is oatmeal in my book.

Hmm, the stuff I make is more like wall paper past :-)

They are very similar, but usually 'round here the oatmeal is thinner.

you mean sloppy porridge?

Goes unpleasant shade of green...

I didn't know you were from Ireland!

cereal is the best, only the super sweet stuff, coco puffs, fruity pebbles, booberry, those delicious things shaped like little chocolate chip cookies and taste of world domination. delicious.


10 years ago

Based on.... Healthiness: Oatmeal Tastewise: Oatmeal (for me) Easiness of preparation: Cereal (by very little) I eat 2 scrambled eggs, w/o S&P, and a serving of oatmeal every morning. Regular oatmeal, with Equal in it.

*shakes head* thats no way to eat a proper breakfast.

no,no,no. you need eggs, yeah. i make mine cowboy style with salt and pepper. you also want about 3 pieces of ham or bacon. and no oatmeal. i'd go with a grilled cheese. thats how a breakfast should be enjoyed :]

i agree completely, if it doesnt taste good, dont eat it

Joyful, yes. Healthy, not hardly.

not healthy???

MAN, you got it ALL WRONG.

you got your major food groups all right there. eggs. meat. dairy. grain. throw in some OJ, you got yourself some fruits :]

Along with a heap-load of grease. I eat like that every now and then, but I'm trying to be healthier, what with my dad having diabetes now.

Oh, and the eggs and meat are in the same food group: Protein (Which is called meat & beans, but just because they hold most of the protein.)

For some reason, it doesn't seem like I'm having fun having this conversation. Let me add a smiley.


How about this: I add an egg to my oatmeal (not that whimpy fruity flavored stuff). Oats are best if they have been processed the least, so plain old rolled oats that must cook for 5 minutes or so, are best. I tend to put an egg in, a little sprinkle of salt, a slice of low fat cheese, and a tablespoon of Olive oil. That's the start of a good breakfast :-)

Oh sure, they laughed at me when I was younger and would ask for cottage cheese and apples sauce (or apple butter), and now most of the restaurants in my area put that in the salad bar (not because of my influence obviously...LOL) .

No, but I know what I like. ;-) As long as you don't do like my wife did and put Star Anise on top of steak or fish....you almost can't go wrong with me :-)

Yeah. I usually like most things too, except for hamburger helper. I would rather not eat than eat hamburger helper. If my mom trys to put that on the plate I cook my own dinner and let them eat swill.

Yeah, when I say anything, I am referring of course to things made i.e. constructed and cooked in my home, not things out of boxes and bags and tins. :-)

Boxes bags and tins suck. Luckily my mom doesn't go to them too often, (If she does, usually I just whip something up myself). Her home creations are always better, except I hate her fried chicken, but I don't have the heart to tell her. My dad was the conniseur of bad cooking (when I lived with him). He swore by the crock pot.

Hmm, I am not particularly fond of deep fried anything anymore....kind of lost the taste for dipping in grease kind of foods. My Mom was a fairly decent cook. Her "bane" was liver. She could turn a slab of liver into a tire patch in minutes. :-) I learned how to make it when I worked for the Millersville University during my Highschool years. I tried to show her but she was kind of set in her ways :-) She made this AWESOME "potpie" (Amish style even though we aren't Amish). I have only ever come across one restaurant that made it even close to as good. Ah the memories :-)

Grease makes everything worse. And if you had that potpie recipe, you should make an 'ible. I've been looking for a good potpie recipe for a while now. None of them seem to be to my liking.

So many ibles to make, so little time left *sigh*

Little time left, what's that supposed to mean? You are only (censored), that still leaves a good 30 years if you eat right and exercise. That includes pot pie.

PS: well, had I followed my heart when I was in my teens, I would have been making things for the past 40 years, instead of just the past 6 or 8 *sigh*

Eat right.....yeah, gotta start doing that....and what is exercise ? Oh, what I get when I take 5 minutes to walk to work :-) Yeah I need to get up and moving again. The last time I worked at the trap under our kitchen sink, I wondered how the floor got to be so far away from my upper body :-) I was unable to even sit down (the whole way) on a small stool my wife brought :..-.(

Yum! Makes me want to eat!

lol, sry. just having fun :] i have allergies and Celiac's disease, so i take every opurtunity to eat for my tongue, rather than myself as a whole (since i alwyas eat on my strict allergy/celiac's disease diet)

Ah, no need to apologize. ;-) I eat more than what I should sometimes, but am learning to control that.

I eat more than I should most times.....it is a very hard struggle for me not too. It is tied in with my anxiety....

Oh and things like bread are SOOOOO expensive too when you must get them without gluten in them....I have a dear friend with that and it is awful the price of things....

yeahh, 'tis true. i actually end up making my own bread from store-bought mixes; i think the taste is better. do you have a Whole Foods in your area? tell your friend to go by and pick up a pack of the 365 brand bread mix, or any of their gluten-free mixes; they're very good. :]

o you have a Whole Foods in your area?

We did at one time......they went out of business not long ago though.

I had a grilled cheese for dinner. Kind of wish I would have thrown some eggs in there too. But of course you have to put salt and pepper into your eggs. And it has to be cooked in butter, screw this Pam stuff. Unless you have bacon grease, in which case use that instead of butter. I'm hungry now...

Do you get home and cry yourself to sleep at night?? I don't think I could eat eggs without S&P. I like the oatmeal part, but Equal?? Try honey.

Can I go with Cream of Wheat? If I had to choose between cereal and oatmeal though, it would have to be oatmeal. But not by much. I love my Cap'n Crunch... But Peaches and Cream beats it out.

On a side note... my grandpa eats oats like cereal. He gets a box of the Quaker oats (not instant), pours some in a bowl, throws in some milk, and eats it.