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What is better for cutting steel a cold saw or band saw? Answered

Im considering buying a cold saw or band saw but im just wondering what is better in terms of cutting quality,speed,noise and ease of use.




5 years ago

How much money have you got !

If you want straight cuts on narrow stock, and you've a lot to do, then a cold saw's great. ( I LOVE my Evolution saw - steel up to 6mm or so)

If your stock is wide, thin and you need to chop odd shapes then a bandsaw is a good plan.

Industrially a lot of bar stock is cut with BIG band saws - I saw one at a show cut 600mm/24" bar stock in under a minute.


Answer 5 years ago

Evolution rage circular saw cuts steel very well in straight lines.

If you have a band saw buy a metal cutting blade for it. If you going to cut a lot then a horizontal band saw is perhaps more use for steel stock other than sheet. although some will stand up like a more normal band saw.

A traditional powered hacksaw has much to recommend it.

How to make one.



5 years ago

The saw you use doesn't matter as much as the blade you use with it. A chop saw with a fiberglass metal cutting blade will be faster that a band saw. But a band saw with a metal cutting blade will cut more cleanly and eat less material. If you want a good accurate cut then go with a band saw. But you need to make sure the saw is a good quality one. If it's under powered then it will have trouble getting through the material.