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What is considered "Original work"? Answered

So since I'm entering mostly cooking challenges, I've been wondering, what is considered "Original work" as stated in the rules for a contest? If I use a recipe that is not mine but I make an instructable on it, does it count as original? If not, how much tweeking does a recipe need before I can consider it my own? One ingredient added? Two?

Help much appreciated :)



6 years ago

A recipe is just a guide.Give credit to the idea, but the second time you cook it, you are on your own. Heck, I don't get no fun out of following recipes . I just take the parts I want and do my own thing.

If it's a traditional / widely known recipe [in your area], then simply present it in your own words, with your own images.

If it's taken from a commercial recipe, then include a credit to the original version (eg: "this is my take on Bill The Chef's Deep-fried Snark"), and describe what you do in your own words (few people adhere to published recipes like glue - maybe you add more or less of certain things to match your own tastes).