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What is "litho" recycling? Answered

Out of 32 items on my recycling invoice, the only one I know nothing about is listed as "litho".  I do know lithography is a printing process.  I do not know what the lithographic materials are that get recycled.
Is it plates?   X-ray stuff?    What have I been missing out on?




Best Answer 8 years ago

They might be talking about aluminum and sometimes copper plates used in the litho process.  Or the litho film used in some machines, they still have some silver in them.

If this is not right, then call whoever sent you the invoice and ask them.

  I have found out that you are correct.   I also believe the chances of me recycling any are nil.........or I would know about it....DUH!
  I try not to hang around and ask questions at any scrap yard.  There are enough flunkies and junkies that do that.  Not to mention, I pester them enough at the scale!
  Thank you.

The printing companies are the ones who get to recycle the litho stuff.  They probably have someone from the recy. center that comes around regularly and pick up the scrap.  It's valuable.