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What is the definition of "matter" according to the string theory? Answered

 I have recently studied about the string theory. Now what I have understood about it so far is that very small particles like the one's that make up neutrons and protons are actually made up of "strings" that vibrate in 10 dimensions at particular frequencies which determine the nature of the particles that they form. I also came to know that "strings" themselves are weird distortions of space-time. 

 Now I don't know if all that information is correct or not. So my question is that according to it, it would mean that matter itself is a distortion of space-time, is this true?



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Matter, as you observe it macroscopically, is the same under string theory as it is now. String theory is an attempt to "unify" (describe in a single, common framework) the four already known forces.

Most of matter, as we know it, consists of the neutrons and protons in atomic nuclei. The orbiting electrons cause those atoms to take up a large space (a nanometer or so in diameter, compared to tens of femtometers for the nucleus), but contribute less than 1/2000th to the mass of the atom.

Neutrons and protons are bound states of quarks (see quantum chromodynamics for details), but those quarks are themselves nearly massless (about the same mass as electrons, in fact). All of the mass of a proton comes from the binding energy holding the quarks together. String theory doesn't change that.

Thanks for the explanation. I have another question related to physics and I'd be thankful if you answered that as well

"What's the matter with it"?, "Is it true?"

We don't know. It's a theory - a working set of observations and rules that could potentially describe the universe we live in. It's unfortunate we can't directly observe a lot of these phenomena so it's exceptionally difficult or impossible to prove - but in the absence of better options leaves us with theories.

Levitating trains...are explained by magnetism...which is explained by the electromagnetic force (quantum mechanics)...
What makes quantum mechanics 'work'? String theory is our current working hypothesis. It's the best we have until something better comes along, either augmenting it, or disproving it.

Actually I meant "matter", as a noun, not like "Whats the matter with string theory". My question was that is "matter" really a distortion or "knot" in space-time according to this theory?


5 years ago

As I understand it..... There are tough knots in the strings.

As described in Wikipedia
"Flat space string theories are 26-dimensional in the bosonic case, while superstring and M-theories turn out to involve 10 or 11 dimensions for flat solutions"

What is truth ?

"If truth is relative, then absolute right and wrong become doubtful and obscure. And if truth is relative, then only subjective and indefinite answers exist for the purpose and meaning of life. So is there any absolute or real truth in this complex and uncertain world?"

The point being is the absolute truth of M-theory is it will be replaced by
the New-theory soon enough :-)