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What is needed to make a motion-activated sound player? Answered

We see it all the time come Halloween time with cheap motion-activated gizmos that emit some random horribly recorded sound effect. I am trying to figure out how to set up a similar system, but something that uses custom sounds. I have 3-5 sounds that I would like it to play at random once activated by the motion detector. As a side note, I also need some red LEDs to light up once it is activated as well, but I figure that will be easier to figure out once I have the necessary components for the rest of the getup. So basically, does anyone have any ideas as to what I need and/or how to make it work? I tried looking up tutorials on this site, but I'm not even really sure what to look for. Thanks for your time!


Watch this video.  He does what you want to do except he has a different result.