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What is one thing you know now that you wish you'd known when you started? Answered

I got a chance to pretend to be media at the recent Mini Maker Faire in Vancouver and jumped at the chance. I put together five very open ended questions I thought people might benefit from hearing the answers to.

One of my goals was to show that whatever people call themselves, be it quilters, crafters, hackers, builders, or an assortment of other names, we all have similar underlying goals and stories.

You can find a lot more information about what I did and why I did at my website, along with a link to an extended cut of the video.

I did want to share the short version of the video with everyone here there, as this is the first project I've ever done like this, and I'm incredibly proud of it.

Link to YouTube


That, once I found out that I really LIKED to make electronic stuff, that going back and learning electrical basics would make me an even BETTER maker.

Now that I have seen the video, I have only one "beef" with what was said:

that mistakes are ok.

I don't think there ARE mistakes, (unless they stop you from making things).
A mistake as they refer it, is merely a new way NOT to do something.
If you learned, it isn't a mistake.

/ *  steps down from soap box....

I agree with that. I think I may have had to cut that part out due to time constraints. If you watch the same person in the extended version, you can see them speak without being taken out of context by me. If you go to youtube to watch, you can click the time stamps in the description to go directly to that person in the video ^_^


...that Making doesn't need a reason.

Ohhh! I like that one!

I will say, there's at least one question in this series that I asked with you in mind specifically. I think it's the fourth one, but I want to get you excited for it now.

I would say I touched on more then one of your questions actually. The questions you asked me were:
What is the bare minimum tool-set a maker should have?
How do I explain myself (the Maker) to other people?

Though how I asked these questions, and how true I was to the source, you'll have to wait to find out.


I thought you meant you had a question for me!

Hah! Yeah, that was a bit of an ambiguous way to phrase that.