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What is plural for a computer mouse? Meece? Mousen? Mouses? Moos? Or just plain old mouse? Answered

This has been bugging me for a long time... Help?


Same as the animal; two or more mouse is actually mice.

"Kryptonite", to the best of my knowledge.

hello. it actually depends on how you refer to the peripheral. back in the day, way back, 'meece' tried to be considered as the correct plural. it was an attempt to easily differentiate between computer and animal, but it never stuck the landing. (meece is not an actual word, and is not in the English dictionary) 'mice' is actually not correct either, and "mouses" (specifically "mouses", not "computer mouses"**) would be more accurate.

it was supposed to be 'mouses', but people eventually gave up on that too... today most everyone just says "computer mice". easiest way to differentiate is to simply use "computer mice". meh

newer yet is the term "mouses" as in like, 'she mouses over the image'. this has come to replace the term "mouse-over". this is so because "mouse-over" can be too difficult to use practically in a sentence. much like how we made 'as in not' down to 'ain't'. it is easier to use and can take on whole new meaning. but the way 'mouses' is used now is why people have simply opted to just stay with plain "computer mice".

all-in-all, just take note that when using either "mouse" or "mice" without the usage of "computer" that it will technically refer to something else other then the computer peripheral. (i don't care what the dictionary says. ha)




**let me clarify...

this computer peripherals first mainstream/officially recognized name is "computer mouse". in an attempt to easily differentiate between computer and animal they tried 'meece'. and to further simplify it they even tried 'meece' to apply as both singular and plural. in the end 'meece' was a bad choice. it may have been that people would think 'you mean mice?'. or perhaps because in some accents mice sounds like meece.

so then we tried 'mouses'. however, at the same time "mouse-over" was already evolving to "mouses". so now saying 'computer mouses' would be redundant, because the point of saying 'mouses' was specifically to identify a particular type of computer peripheral.







so... it is "computer mice". pft. lmao.

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Mice. Unless you're in the mood to be silly, in which case anything comprehensible is fine.

(One mouse, two mice. One spouse...)

ya, i hope you only have one spouse. :D

I've always called them mices.


8 years ago

haha meece

Mice. Just like the furry little vermin.