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What is some easy made item that people will buy? Answered

I want to make some money and i dont know what i could make that people would buy.


Now what kind of jewelry would that be?


For a long time I made ear rings from natural seeds I found in the country side,

Things like Pinto beans and other dried beans - I drilled a small hole through attached a wire and put them onto a bought ear hook.

You can gloss and protect them with clear nail varnish or use coloured for different effects.

Make for about 5c sell for 50c

You can make beads from glossy magazine paper - Look it up.

Beads are cheap to buy on line and easy to thread.

I have even made jewellery from pasta shapes and sold it - Just tell people what it is and not to get it wet. (clear nail varnish may not be totally water proof.)

Fimo/Sculpty Is cheap easy to use and can be attractive - Lots of ideas on line

Salt dough can work Make sure it well dried.

Wire jewellery can be cheap to make and look very complicated even chain mail jewellery.

Look up Viking Knitting.

If it's too easy then people will just do it themselves.
There is no easy way to make money. You either need hard work, excellent quality, or a product no one else provides that people need/want. The first to aren't easy or cheap and if anyone has an idea for the third one they won't be sharing it.
Most new businesses don't make money for at least a couple of years and don't brake even for a couple of years after that.
Think about things you and your family use all the time that you buy. Now come up with a way to make it yourself and sell it without infringing on any patents or copy marks.
Selling services, such as yard work, car washing/detailing, etc, is typically easier and requires much less up front capital (i.e. you make money quicker and won't get stuck with excess materials.)

Also im not really trying to make a business out of this. Just a little bit of cash that can help me along threw the year.

Well i like hard work part but i dont have the tools for everything so thats where the easy part i was talking about comes into play.

Without knowing your skills, available tools, materials, budget, even location, that's a very hard question to answer.

If you're selling locally, try some market research to find out what people want. If you're selling online (eg Ebay), then make what you are good at making.

True. Im just looking for ideas now. I don't have many materials or tools so im trying to find something that would not be very complex to make.