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What is something I can make this summer? Answered

I would like something that i can actually use or is valuable. Maybe make power. I am up for all suggestions, my budget is about $50 but may go higher because i am going to mow lawns this summer.



Best Answer 9 years ago

Are you kidding me? You are on instructables and you are asking what to make? Instructables is THE place to find stuff to make. Type some of your hobbies into the search box and you usually pop up with something fun. I would suggest making ice cream, a scooter, a hammock, a tree house, a solar powered air conditioner, and a raft. Have fun! Only 4 and a half more days of school for me.


9 years ago

Make a few windbelt generators.

Power up the self-driving motors on the lawn mower to make it easier to push so that you can mow more lawns and have a higher budget ;-)

I am building a truck, you could do that it will be a bit more than $50 lol

A very valuable thing to make would be friends- or at least business associates.

  • Pick a field of work you are interested in, whether that is becoming a designer of jet engines or getting a lucrative lawn maintenance contract for a rich retirement community.
  • Do some research: figure out who in your community is in contact with those in in the field of work and learn the language they speak.
  • Use that $50+ to take likely people out to lunch. Take notes, use industry buzzwords appropriately, and generally do whatever is necessary to convince these people that you think theirs is the most wonderful job in the world.
  • Work your way up the chain of command until you find someone willing to guarantee you a job or internship.
  • Profit.

You can buy some plumbing supplies and a tank and a pump and make a powerful water gun!