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What is something I can make when I am bored at midnight and can't buy supplies? Answered

I have a bunch of junk, no cardboard, but yeah junk I can make stuff with. Any ideas?


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You can always make noise, a mess, or trouble. You probably don't _want_ to make any of those... but without knowing exactly what you've got on hand, and what kinds of things you're interested in, it's hard to suggest anything specific. How 'bout just flipping through Instructables -- and/or other websites -- until you find something that looks like you can complete it with what you've got on hand? If you're bored, wtihout ideas, and not in a mood to go looking for ideas -- find a good book, or go to sleep.

Open the fridge and see if that gives you ideas? L

Name your type of junk, and then type it into the "search" box at upper right, and chances are you'll be up to your neck in do-able Instructables: ...Empty pop or water bottles? ...Plastic grocery bags? ...Old milk or juice "tetrapak" cartons? ...Beer or pop cans? ...Tyvek envelopes? ...Old CD jewelcases? ...Empty toilet paper tubes? There are Ibles for all of those, and for lots of other "junk." (That'd be a cool idea for a contest: make something entirely from materials you have on hand, preferably materials that almost anybody might reasonably have on hand, with extra points for things actually pulled out of your recycling bin.)

There are loads of papercraft projects, from simple planes to working catapults.

Junk you can make stuff with? Define this "stuff" and we may be able to help you.