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What is something original I can make out of duct tape? Answered

Things besides wallets, like the duct tape roses. Anyway, I'm bored and have lots of duct tape and don't know what to do with it. However, I don't have enough duct tape to cover pants in.



10 years ago

A hat!

Here are some good reference designs for men's caps and leather caps.

The leather caps in particular might be a good fit, since they already have that somewhat glossy appearance.

Ooh good idea, I just better notmake a full face ski mask. :P

I was thinking that too, but thought it too corny to post.....since when have I resisted the chance to be corny? Guess I AM getting old *sigh*

Yes, so do I. We get quite a few Canadian Geese around here, and except for the white feathers, they are about the right color ;-) Sometimes ducks just quack me up. .

 make a watch...you can buy little cheapo watch faces at craft stores

The word "original"  usually means its of your own design...not of someone else's.  However, I once saw a man's suit that was duct tape, and it was astonishing.

Wallets, nor Rose flowers  are not original when it comes to duct tape creations. I have heard there is a book published a few years back with many creative uses for duct tape.  

 I just finished making a wallet, and its really good. I had to improvise a little because it wouldn't stay closed. All I did was make a latch for it. You Could try to make a game out of duct tape. Like a Chess or Checkers, or If your really have a lot of duct tape, try a big game like monopoly or risk. It would be difficult, but certainly worth the effort. You would have to use a very sharp knife and lots of colors though, and maybe a sharpie.

I'm fairly certain there isn't a product called "duck tape", but I've heard of this 2 dimensional adhesive material called "duct tape" that can be used fr anything...

I do believe you read that incorrectly. It says nothing about this "duck tape" you speak of. :)

Actually, there is some disagreement about whether the origin of the term is duck tape (after duck canvas), or duct tape.

As Goodhart noticed - the Duck brand doesn't exactly help with the confusion. :D

A bit off topic. Wonder if anyone have attempted using Duct tapes as poor woman's (or man) substitute to waxing (facial/body hair removal) =)
Before any of you get any ideas, NO, it's not for me.

yeah it works PS dont duct tape your wrists together

I just tried on my leg and it didn't work...

Well than that's why. I think you should stop shaving for a week or so, then try it out.

Oh, I didn't know you're a girl, sorry..

No not really, I don't let my leg hair get that long

If W'burg, Garth Knight, or even Goodhart said that, that would creep me out a bit =)

Yeah I think that would be a little creepy if one of them said that...

duct tape is outside or else i would try it. just checked, and painters tape doesnt work.

you could throw everyone for a loop and actually tape up some ducts with it. ;-)

a bicycle, boat, car, airplane, and ATV. But if I told you what to do, it wouldn't be original, would it? ;D

I think a life-sized plane would be awesome

It could be original, but it would not be original to Sunbanks.


10 years ago

How about a weaved wallet or purse? I still haven't finished my iBle on the wallet, yet. *sigh*

pirate patch shoe lace duct tape tape shoes duck tape paper cup contanier tie cell phone holder rope back pack (that would be fun) plant vase fly swatter chest hair remover belt parachute for action figures duck tape airplane duck tape coin bag

I made a purse out of duct tape

If you cut squares, you could make a draughts/checkers game for your snapple-lid black and white counters ... ... or a backgammon if you cut triangles.

And if you did it right, it would be "travel ready" (usable in a moving automobile) :-)

A snapple-lid holder?

Shouldn't the question be... "What can't you make out of duct tape?" Now that would be interesting! ;P

i found somthing duck tape cannot stick to about 3 years ago. apparently, it does not adhear to large peices of raincoat fabric attached to the roof of a play house. of course, you only find out on a windy day.

it doesnt stick to backpacks that well either. well it does, but it had trouble holding on the strap.

It isn't much good for duct-work either :-)

make a duct tape pencil cup harmonica pliers usb drive battery charger lava lamp im just looking at my computer desk and throwing out ideas. you can disregard about all of them. the cup may be the only one of any possible value.