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What is sunlight concentration ratio? Answered

I was trying to figure out the optimum size of solar cells for a various light concentrations and then I came across this term. Does anyone have an idea... what does that mean?



6 years ago

The bigger the magnifying glass the faster the ants smoke.

I would guess it's the ratio between the area of a solar collector (eg lens or curved mirror), compared to the size of the spot upon which it is focussed.

So, if a magnifying glass has an area of 100cm2, and it focuses sunlight into a spot of 1cm2, the ratio would be 100:1.

(I think)

Guessing again, I'd say that it means something like;

"If you're using a cell of size X, then the best way to boost its performance is with a magnifier with a concentration ratio of Y."

From what I read on wikipedia it looks like Kiteman is right. It only applies for concentrated solar generation systems not normal solar cells on your roof. It appears to be the ratio between the area of, say, a parabolic mirror and the area of the light spot it reflects onto the solar cell. The higher the concentration ratio the higher the efficiency of the system.