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What is the CHEAPEST way to fix a BAD roof on a trailer? Answered

The roof on our trailer (mobile home) is dying a gruesome death....any helpful tips would be MOST appreciated! _

Sincerely, tamarack1pines


If you want the cheapest, but worst, use tape.

I know it doesn't really help. Sorry. I'll try to see if my dad knows any good ideas.

Absolutely cheapest? Plywood and tarp.

maybe use Noahw's working with fibreglass instructable, it's the same kind of technique, or you could try and seal it, even get lazy and use a big sheet of perspex and caulk it with epoxy then a glue gun, we did that to the roof of the truck and it worked well, plus we had extra light (a three foot hole in the roof from a minor accident, minor...)