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What is the beginner electric guitar under $200? Answered

I have been playing acoustic guitar and want to try electric. I need to find the best guitar for under $200 and I it would be good if it came with an amp, but it's not required


yeah i was there once too, i had no knowledge on electric guitars or anything, but i went for it. if you are just beggining on guitar, i would ask one of the workers there to help you find a decent guitar for under $200. thats actually exactly what i did. sooo, i went with a used Ibanez Gio. and since it was used, i got a lot of money off. i bought it for $110 and sold it for $220. haha but good luck on finding a great guitar. oh one other thing, it depends on what kind of music you like. if you like hard rock, go with a nice BC rich or something, and if you are into classical stuff, go back to acoustic guitars. good luck


8 years ago

I was in the same position once and I went for an Ibanez pack at Guitar Center that had the guitar, the amp, picks, a DVD, strap, a book that teaches some riffs and chords, the cord that hooks the guitar to the amp, and a tuner all for less than $200 dollars.

brands like squier and epiphone. i havent bought any epiphone but being gibson they are probably over 200

i swear by teles.

i found a squier tele for $169.

probably not the cheapest for someone with $200 but it IS under $200

Ok this is like one of the best guitars, i got it used for $110.

The Epiphone Special II.

Its a les paul style guitar that plays AMAZINGLY.
I like it for blues, and slower rock.

It really depends on what you like playing.

O and dont be stupid like me and get a whammy bar. No matter how fun they look they absolutly SUCK.

Yamaha pacifica 012s were <£120 in price 4 years ago, I wonder how cheap they are now?

I bought for $79 an Alvarez Telecaster clone on eBay. Just because it looked interesting. This is a 1990s model, made in Korea, and aside from being a little heavy, nice. Alvarez tech held replied to an e-mail: "This should be a mid 1990's AE10BK. List price was around $300. Good little guitar for the price, I hope you enjoy it." No matter what cheap guitar you get, have a technician set it up for you. It makes an incredible difference to have the string height correct and the neck properly adjusted. All of these adjustments interact. You have to know what you're doing. Many cheap guitars can benefit from a replacement nut (the slotted thing at the top of the neck). Pickups you can always replace or live with, same with cheap wiring and controls. Setting up the neck and strings is crucial. (I remember learning on 2 guitars, both acoustics with high action, and it really hurt my fingers) Also, as you get better, consider stepping up to heavier strings. Better tone and they automatically build up your hand strength.

I have a Squire. I admit it is not the greatest of my guitars (My Parker Fly is) but people put them down too much. You can get a starter kit from guitar works and probably other places that come with a Squire, amp, strap, bag...etc. and they will usually let you trade the guitar out with a different one if you want for a little more money (depends on the guitar). If you have never played before or very little, you may want to keep the Squire in case you don't like guitar. You can always buy a better guitar later on if you want (that's what I did). The other option is building a guitar (that's how I got my Parker Fly). If you have access to woodworking tools then research guitar building methods and build one. My Parker Fly is slightly better then my Fender Strat American Standard and I built it myself. Be advised that this cost anywhere from $300 to $2000 depending on the quality of parts you buy and templates and tools that need to be purchased.

FIRST of all, AT ALL COSTS AVOID SQUIERS. They are among the WORST guitars I have ever played. I personally recommend a Dean Vendetta. It has dual humbuckers, 24 frets, bolt-on maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and the body is ultra-light paulownia. I got mine for $100 from a Guitar Center in Larchmont, NY. It can actually hold it's own against the higher-end guitars like B.C. Rich, for example. It's a great guitar for metal, rock, and just about everything except jazz and blues. It's alright when it comes to these styles, it's just that single coils are better for that style of playing. A good amp to start with in my own opinion, If you don't mind shelling out $100, is the Line 6 Spider III 15. This thing has POWER. It's the most powerful 15 watt amp I've ever used. Of course, You'll need a case for your guitar, A brand new Dean hardshell case is about $100. But you can get a padded Roadrunner gig-bag for about $40, maybe less. As for picks, I recommend Dunlop Tortex Ultra picks. 1.0 mm thick, good for strumming and picking. But, I personally use Star Picks. They have a star cutout in the pick to prevent slipping. As for a strap, I recommend anything from Levy's Leather Products. They're affordable, effective, and they look good. I don't know any exact prices of any straps. As for a tuner, I recommend a Seiko SAT 100. The only downside is that it's really only good for tuning to "standard" tuning (EADGBe), but it's very easy to use. I don't remember how much that is though. But since you're beginning, just buy a cheap tuner. Approximate cost comes out to $290 if you buy a gig bag instead of a hardshell case. I know it's a bit over your price limit, but it's DEFINITELY worth it. Also, I buy all my guitar equipment form Guitar Center, avoid Sam Ash as they are usually overpriced. I hope I was able to help you.

I agree that Squiers are terrible guitars but they are good if you get a bass Squire. I play bass myself looking for a good guitar but my Squire(bass) sounds awesome.

Really the best beginner electric guitar is one that is over $200...for many reasons.

  • a mid-priced guitar ($300-800) sounds infinitely better than a low priced guitar.
  • a bad sounding low priced guitar will discourage a new player

*if you decide that playing guitar is not your thing, you can sell a used mid-priced for a decent amount, unlike a low end guitar that is worthless.

crap guitars to avoid all together:

Ibanez RIO and GRX,
cheap Strat clones like Brownsville
ANY guitar $100 and below

My first guitar was an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2. Great guitar for $170. For $300 you can get an LP-100, supposed to be as good as an Epi Standard. Gibson makes the best guitars out there in my mind.

Got to Musiciansfriend.com. They have entire beginner packs for under $200 dollars. Hope this helped.. -Buster


9 years ago

I'd suggest u to buy a Ibanez GRX70DXJ package. One of my friends has it. The guitar is good. It also has an amp, gigbag, tuner, picks, strap.

Fender Stratocaster Sqiuier is a popular choice, I know you can pick them up in the UK with an amp and basic stuff for around £200, check your local music stores

Under $200? Look for a used guitar, preferably in a private sales. Craigslist, local newspaper classifieds, or your community bulletin boards are good places to check. Bring along a friend who knows guitars, if you're not comfortable evaluating it... because you'll need to test every fret on every string when buying a used guitar. Check for dammaged electronics, a bowed/warped neck, and tuning-key problems. Get the owner to let you plug it in and if it plays nicely and doesn't have any major problems... get ready to buy. Brands? Ibanez turns up for cheap, as well as the occasional Fender and a number of other basic models. Whatever brand it is, try to check what they typically sell for online before you visit the seller. You could get really lucky and snag a higher-end guitar too. Avoid department-store brands like Nova (Sears), as you'll likely be able to buy the same guitar NEW for less than $200. There are dozens of sub-$200 guitars at better music-stores and department stores, but I personally find that they need just as much "tough-love" when you bring them home as does a used guitar that's been ridden as a sled one or two times. I bought my cheap Ibanez new, never opened, and it needed 3 frets replaced, had a broken wire under one of the pickups, and had a seriously warped neck. It took a month of tweaking and repairs that could have cost $300+ to get it sounding good. I suggest the same rules, at any price point. Test the guitars thoroghly in the music store before you buy, and skip by the ones at the department stores unless you are certain they'll let you return it if not satisfied.