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What is the best 9 mm you can buy for under 300 dollars? Answered

i am selling my llama 9mm and buying another 9mm hangun. i need to find one for under 300 dollars. it needs to be modern...(no revolvers) i know there are modern revolvers but none of those.



7 years ago

Ruger P89DC. Cheap, simple, durable, and easy to clean. You can probably find one used for less than 300, as they are only about 400 new.

I want to confess that I also was contemplating to buy a 9mm for protection, after I get my concealed weapon permit. I'll check the German Ruger. Thank you!

Did you mean "German Luger"?

You can pick up a nice specimen of one of those for about $2,000.

They are collectors items now.

Look into some of the desert eagle 9mm products like this.

I definitely meant "Ruger". I prefer the P-series .45 though, not the 9mm.

Well you said a German ruger, and I've never heard of a German Ruger, just a German Lugar.

I never said "German", blkhawk did.

My apologies! I confused Ruger with Luger.

This here is a 1911 in 9mm, which I hope you are familiar at least a little bit with.
It's a little over, but I think you could find a little more money or get one used. Try your local gun store and see what they have to show you.

Go for a Kel-Tec, or I hate to say it, a Hi Point if you want a new one. Used I say go for a Browning High Power or a Glock.

Ask that question in the UK and you'd get a load of guys with initials on their body armour knocking on your door with a Universal Key #;¬)

Yes, now its criminal to own a handgun, only criminals have handguns. I prefer the American system.

A right which, sadly, liberals are trying to do away with...

Depends upon what they are and paperwork.
People can legally own muzzle-loading black-powder revolvers for example.


Well, you learn something new every day. Thanks for that little detour into an esoteric realm - a hobby of your's ?


My dad, handy for some homemade bangers last year...


.  I prefer the Walther P-4/P-38. A bit on the heavy side but very easy to work on and extremely reliable. You can pick them up as military/police surplus for < $300.


7 years ago

New for +/- $300 dollars: Taurus or Ruger. Either one is reliable and well made but not fancy. Taurus makes mostly clones of Beretta semi-auto pistols. Rugers are U.S. designed and made, heavy but very durable.
I have or still own both brands.

http://www.best9mm.com/index.html is one source of information though I don't know how reliable that info is.

If you're looking for new, there aren't many selections.  The Sigma can be had for right around 300-350  Kel-Tec has the P11 for under $300.  Both of these are double-action only and have heavy and long trigger pull, about 8 lb.  I have fired a P11 and it's got a pretty heavy recoil because the weapon is so light.

You'll want to define what "best" means to you.  Most accurate?  Safest?  Lightest?  Fairly light but very safe?  Fairly accurate but very light?  etc.

Definitely try out, if possible, before you buy.

Why buy one when you can make one from any number of the great instructables here.

Is there a reason you're getting rid of the Llama? If you're looking for a better quality handgun why don't you just take it to your local gun shop or a gun show and trade up? The Llama and a few more bucks would get you any number of good options. There are a lot of used Glocks on the market as well as Berretta 92's, Rugers, and CZ's.

You might be able to find a good used Glock for under $300. My best advice to you would be to shop around, keep your eyes open, and be patient. Get to know the guys at your local shops and see if they'll give you a heads-up when a good deal comes in.