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What is the best Miter Saw for $300 - $400? Answered

I would like to buy a miter saw. What is the best product in the 300 - 400 dollar range? I've done research online and know what the reviews say and the "pros" say, but I'm curious if those of us that actually DO things regularly have a difference of opinion. Thanks! All I have now is a drill and a hand-held circular saw. I would like to be able to cut beams accurately and consistently.



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Assuming that you want a compound miter saw, I would go with DeWalt. I have really had really good experiences with it in the past and they hold up really well. It's a little on the high side of your budge though. There's a reconditioned one on Amaxon for $400 - DEWALT DW718R Heavy-Duty 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw link.

You could also see if anyone has a used one in the Marketplace or on eBary.

Hope this helps!

I have an older 10inch Craftsman which I have used for doing a lot of remodeling and trimwork. I would say go down to the store to shake a couple around and see what you like. Mine has a straight chopping-style handle which I prefer as most now have a D-handle in various configurations. I've used some with lasers and some are so bright they actually blind you to the cut marks you drew on the wood - I would do without as you probably line it up with the blade down. I have a single bevel - double bevel is nice if you do a lot of trim and need to cut pieces without trying to figure out a reverse angle. I have a cast iron base - heavy is nice but a bear to lug around. I would spend part of the money on a nice "sawhorse" type rolling cart with extention supports. Check out how easy it is to adjust the angles, especially on the bevel. Mine has like a toggle handle screw and hard to read scale so I always line up the blade with a precut piece or external protractor. It does not have detents to bring the bevel back to perpendicular. Go for a 12" model if you do a lot of cutting with beams 4x4s. Go for a model with power as stuff gets bogged down in oak or pressure treated woods. In that price range you should be able to get a decent chop saw. The blade makes a big difference so be sure to shop for a good carbide blade too. Good luck.

You don't hear much about the laser being TOO bright! Good to know. That's the kind of info one needs.

 ryobi i got one from lowes for like 200 dollars or hitachi, ridge, stanely,

If you're looking for sliding miter saw I recommend the Hitachi C8SFE. This saw is small, light and still cuts 12" boards. I bought one a few weeks ago for less than $330. after seriously considering much more expensive 10 and 12 inch sliders from Ridgid and DeWalt. This saw is dead nuts on the money straight out of the box. It comes with a good blade and the cuts are perfect. This saw is 20 pounds lighter than some of the other saws that can't make cuts any wider than 12" and comes with a full 5 year warranty.

I have had pricey saws that I didn't like because of how they work . Go to every store you can and just operate them. They don't have to be running to adjust the bevel, set the stops, set the angle, see if like how the on switch works etc. I'm a fan of Ryobi and I have had two as one was stolen from my pickup bed. Its a cheap 10" that pivots to one side only. I used it as a installer and finish carpenter for 4 years. No need for a better saw as it is as accurate and reliable. I think I spent a little over a bill for it. A laser would be nice though. Buy a couple of different baldes and keep them sharp, clean the saws nooks and crannys often, keep it LIGHTLY oiled so it doesn't get clumps of oily sawdust built up, check if for accuracy often and if it is not moved much, mount it in a good worktable with extensions. You may also make a list of neccessary vs wanted feature to narrow your list.

Here are a few miter saws for under $200.

Well yes, I know how to find them online. I'm just curious about peoples' preferences.