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What is the best ball machine lift that doesn't use tubing or chain? Answered


chain lift xD
no the real i give is...
the arm lift
it comes the higgest and doesn't need too much pieces to build

I think that I agree. Sorry shadow man but kutluknex just got best answer

I'd say it's the wheel/mill lift, but that's only good if you have alot of gears.
If not that, then the stepper lift, definently!
If all else fails, try an arm or wheel lift!

WOOHOO i,m the winner YEAA soooo long suckerss XD

Try using the air powered lift from the Big Air Ball Factory. The only down side is that it needs at least 2 balls in the motor section to shoot up one. Also, you would need the lightweight and balls from the set.

There's still my mill lift (or Kairah's version of it). Or the large rotating arms you see everywhere

ive made a lift like that and it works great. Thanks.

Thats a great lift but i might try to make your spiral lift with the long flexi rods. do you think it would work?

It might, but it won't be as smooth (I'm assuming you would connect the flexi-rods with orange connectors).

Ya im going to use orange connectors. Thanks for the quick reply :)