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What is the best comic? Answered

what is the best comic?


most times i get crazy ideas i late nights and most times work out ferry well

Seconded. Its a shame that none of the daily papers carried it but I've got a dozen 'galleries' to dip into occasionally. Oh and the best... got to be between Tintin and Asterix the Gaul. Started reading them both over 20 years ago and I'm still reading them now!

The very first Far Side I ever encountered, I still think is the funniest one to me: two antlered deer are beside a mail box, the one reading a letter he got: Oh darn, another John Deer letter......I nearly fell out....

i never saw that movie but i think it's pretty funny to

Yeah, the movie is too. The comic strip I believe is Canadian....

i have seen the movie now and it is fun to watch

"B.C.", "The Wizard of ID", & One big Happy are pretty good and Doonesbury, but I still like the older ones (mentioned by Nacho, was Pogo), The Katzenjammer Kids, Bringing up Father, etc.

some of those are not around anymore....

love garfield :D, only the 3rd movie of it is just stupid the other ones are great

Cyanide and Happiness

PBS(Pearls Before Swine), Boondocks, or Foxtrot.


10 years ago


comic, or comic book / graphic novel ? I love x-men and the X-force and an occasional appearance from spider-man doesn't hurt!!!

I had a chance to view again, the old Astro-boy cartoons recently. Somehow I hadn't remembered that they were so politically oriented (the B/W ones anyways).


10 years ago

I was a huge fan of the old Bloom County.
That, and Calvin & Hobbes are probably the best things ever.

Donald duck and luky luke

Calvin and Hobbes

definately, man calvin and hobbes hands down... exactly what I was gonna put

Peanuts and TinTin FTW!

How am I being a smart aleck? Wait - do you mean because he died? *shakes head in a disapproving way*


10 years ago

Pearls before Swine or Get Fuzzy, it's a tough choice.

I prefer Pearls before Swine.