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What is the best design for a throwing knife? Answered

I have been useing  my pocket knifes as throwing knifes and they eather break or bounse back at my face. what is the best design for a throwing knife so it wont come back and hit you in the face and sticks in the tree every time???


if you want something that sticks every time then buy a set of darts (or make them). if you want something cooler try ninja stars. knives take time and practice to stick every time. except for the flying knife (which behaves like a dart) there is no easy way to stick a knife

If the pointy half weighs the same as the blunt half.

Even a bad one will stick with practice. SO... practice.

I like knives like these.  They're cheap and they are easy to throw.

+1, and +1. Though I usually recommend folks start with practice knives, which are the same basic design but even cheaper (just stamped out of sheet metal). Those usually have pretty bad points, but for practicing that may actually be a good thing; it means a bad throw is that much more obvious.

When just starting off, a pile of cardboard boxes isn't bad as a target. Cheap and fairly forgiving. Just remember to always be aware of what's BEHIND the target; never throw if there's anything you would mind hitting/breaking.

Once you get the basics under control, move to less forgiving targets.

Pocket knives are generally particularly BAD as throwing knives. They're designed and balanced for a completely different set of purposes.

+1: Agreement. It's essentially shorthand for "Me too."

In this case, there were two points I was agreeing with: the emphasis on practice and that the flat practice knives are a good place to start since they're inexpensive and balanced properly.

The "Leaf" throwing knives are usually recommended.

If you want something to stick in every time - Think about why does a dart always fly point first?