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What is the best free software for converting DVDs to AVI,MOV,etc...? Answered


i use the freeware version of WinXDVD Ripper


8 years ago

Handbrake is fantastic, and free!  It's so free, in fact, that they won't even accept donations.  I've tried.

Hmmm... All it gives me is garbled video with a few clear parts... I tried it on Iron Man yesterday and Avatar today, but neither of them came out right...

Straight from DVD?  What options did you choose for the encode?

That's odd...  What program was used for playback?

An alternative possibility is: ‘DVDVideoSoft Free Studio’.

One download, 25 programs, free.  Can also download the programs individually and choose which program(s).


Get ' DVD CONVERTER' it's has top drawer functionality