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What is the best household tool to cut cardboard? Answered

What is the best household tool to cut cardboard?


Don't be soft and go with a knife... Use a L A S E R ! (only kidding!) (sorry , couldn't resist!)


8 years ago

YOUR TEETH! Really does work btw. If you don't believe me try it

Your parents would disagree (not that it works, but with the tactic) .... "do you have any idea how much those teeth cost?!"

I prefer a utility knife because they are heavier and easier to wield than an x-acto knife. X-acto blades are smaller and somewhat flimsy, but perfect for lighter work. Utility knife blades are sturdy so they won't flex or break, and they're usually pretty quick to swap out for a sharper one. Change blades frequently--always use a sharp blade! Also, if you cut on a large cutting mat (the kind typically used for cutting fabric), this makes cutting precise shapes much easier and cleaner, not to mention safer. Be sure to measure and draw out lines where you want to cut, and use a good straightedge to help with any long straight cuts.

And one more thing--on thicker cardboard don't try to cut all the way through in one pass. Two or three light passes will cut through and leave a perfectly clean cut, whereas one heavy pass will often tear the board and isn't terribly safe if you are forcing the blade.


8 years ago

Small straight cuts it is hard to beat an Xacto or Stanley knife, but for long or curved cuts a saber saw, preferably with a new blade, is the bees knees. Either way, if you want it to look professional make sure to draw a fine line and then cut on the line. If you draw a fine line then use a saber saw you can have the saw cut the line out so it is not left on either part.

An exacto knife works well. Albeit, it has the tendency to make people bleed.

box cutter? I would say any razor knife - beware paper/cardboard cuts. They suck.

I was going to say the same - a box cutter. Keep it simple.

An exacto knife cuts like butter. Or you can use a saw, they're both pretty good.

if you're going for a long and straight cut, probably a nice sharp bread knife

Depends on what you're cutting it for. I generally use a sharp knife, but the kind of knife depends on how large and how detailed the cut needs to be. For some things, scissors work just fine.