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What is the best place to get low cost pcb boards? Answered

I want to start with low quantities, I only need 2 layers, and all of my pcb boards will be relatively small. Most important, I'm on a pretty tight budget.



7 years ago

I do a lot of PCB work with this company www,kejiepcb.com
they are very reliable, professional and great fast response.
I started with some small prototypes and I ended up with mass production.
I highly recommend them

I need prototype pad regularly. To find the best price/quality, I scouted a couple of sites. I'd agree with alalramp. myropcb is pretty good. They jsut set up a new service, $17/pad, and if you're in a hurry, $25/pad for 2 day. Quality wise: not spectacular but meet my standard. here's the site: http://www.myropcb.com/

I have been using MyroPCB.com for a few years for my prototyping. They seems to be cheapest with acceptable quality. They have a flat shipping fee of $35. Support is great. Online order system and status tracking are very useful. I have no complains so far.

You can do it at PCB International. I tried them for the first time a week ago by the recommendation of  my professor. They have a lot of standard adders and You can get 100 square inches for $94 and their quality is excellent. Here is their site: http://www.pcbinternational.com

I do ton of PCBs every months and I usually count on Sierra Circuits. It is close to me so I do not have to pay shipping. They are very quick though! I usually figure out what I need about 3 days before I need it, and they are on time every time... even early half the time!


9 years ago


I tend to use protoboard for my work, but this site is affiliated with sparkfun electronics, and they seem to do low cost work.