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What is the best program to use for making PCB designs that will be printed with a laser printer ? Answered

I saw that there are a lot of PCB designing programs but i don't know which one to use for some home made PCB-s ... can anybody tell me what's the best one to use for such a project ?



8 years ago

Another vote for Eagle here. I have tried a couple of free alternatives and they were a waste of my time.

EAGLE is nice because you can export to vector file easily.  And because laser cutters generally need a PDF or AI vector file to print from, I found it easiest to export the footprint of the components I would be using on my board, and then organize everything in illustrator.  I even create all my line traces in AI. When laser cutting a board,  you are only printing on one or two sides, there is no ground planing or tricky 3rd, 4th, or 5th layers which is what EAGLE or the like is absolutely necessary for.  Good luck!

I would agree that Eagle is the best. I have used two others to help design circuits, and eagle does the best of testing the circuits and converting it to a PCB design that can easily be printed.