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What is the best ramrod tape? Answered

I want to know what is the best tape to wrap up a ramrod for a knex gun.  Currently i am using duck tape, that works well, but is there anything out there that is better?


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Etape+rubber bands work really well when combined.  The basic idea is to put etape on the balljoint/whatever you use to hold the bands, put a rubber band on top of it, then put more etape over that. 

Etape lasted longer than duct tape in my experience.  The duct tape on my ZKAR lasted only 2 days, while etape with the same pin and same gun lasted 2 weeks.

My favorite configuration:
female ball socket connector with a blue spacer on a black rod taped together with electrical tape on the end so the blue spacer is under the tape and touching the socket connector.
Also, electrical tape is vinyl so it can be stretched which sandwiches the two sides of the connector to the rod so it does not have give as you would always have with duct tape, glass tape is a close second.



8 years ago

me? i use about 5 normal skinny bands, with a blue ring on it, it works nice!!!


8 years ago

Duct tape!


LOL : )

 i think electrical tape is the shizz

I say no tape, strictly rubber bands. That's just me though. My current pin has two 64s on it and it has held up ever since I made it. I haven't stacked more than like 4-5 bands but I also never plan on using more than that.
If you really must use tape then the obvious answer would be the one that flexes least. If tape has room to stretch, the pin has room to break. Stickiness doesn't matter too much as long as you have it wrapped around tightly.

I tried that a few years back, making my first knex guns that shot.  It didn't work that well for me.  Maybe i should try it again, though.

E-tape can't make my answer any simpler than that.