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What is the best technique for spinner fishing for trout in streams and rivers? Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Answered

Do you cast upstream or downstream etc? Any other stuff i will kneed to know.


 I am going to disagree with the previous answer based on my experience. You might consider using a heavy spoon with better success.

You will want to cast upstream, and as you reel in (pretty fast so the lure doesn't ride the bottom), the lure will be moving downstream. This would behave like the natural trout food, because when do little insects and larvae go upstream? Almost never. Plus, the fish are looking upstream, and will be able to see it and have more time to prepare to articulate their intercept without compromising their cover, which is usually a sandbed, jetti, rock, or log.

most spinners imitate fish not insects, and jetty is spelled with a y.

The best tecnique for spinner, trout fishing is to cast down stream at a 45 degree angle to maintain a strait line. I would help to use a 15+ lb trace with the spinner
and you could use a rig like the image below, instead of casting in and out again.
Try fishing nearest to the river bed and use lighter line for the rig so you have minemal loss of fishing tackle.




why would you drop-shot a spinner? because that ruins the feel of them, and you are supposed to use fireline when fishing a spinner (well every lure except crankbaits) so you can feel the thump and strike better, (the reason you should not use fireline for crankbaits is because they need give to work properly and also because with all topwater lures/baits the strike is obvious.

That would be okay for BIG rivers maybe.  I would use 2 lb test line and no weight for a stream.   You can cast both up and down stream.  Trout do look up stream but they will strike with less deliberation if the lure goes past them from behind.  
And if legal in your area... worms are the best.

what kind of spinner an in line or over/under? for an in-line topwater i would just cast at a 45 degree angle downstream, and rip it towards me with pauses in between where it moves slowly, for an over/under midwater (3-5 Ft.) i would just pull a steady retrieve with a spinning reel, (casting reels too slow) or for a lower spinner (erie dearie, weighted spinners) i would rip it upwards and let it helicopter back down, and i have included pictures of the spinners, the black rooster tail is the in-line while the purple/yellow grub is the over/under.

over under spinner.jpgin line spinner.jpg