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What is the best thing to do incase of a velociraptor attack? Answered

This is very important.


You don't need to run faster than ALL your friends. You only need to run faster than N of your friends, where N is the number of velociraptors. (Don't spend too long counting them ;¬)

Get on your hoverboard!

do what i do, get a stick and get the most out of it XD hey its worked befor :D

. Bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your butt goodbye. ;)

Wake up? Re-set your time machine? Don't piss off the mad scientist in the first place? Single or pack? Adult or juvenile or mixed? What is the background or terrain? Why is the velociraptor attacking? Are you bleeding or carrying something that is bleeding or sent-marked? I'd try changing it from a hunting situation to a territorial dispute, and try to look bigger and fiercer than a single velociraptor. If it's a pack, I'd try to wound one of them so that they'd consider me tougher prey than eating one of their own : )

This looks like a good place to start.


9 years ago

get a brick of C4 and some steak plant the c4 and lure it into a cloesed area with the steak and than blow up the c4 than no more raptor