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What is the best unix to use on a netbook? Answered

i have an old netbook and i would like to try some form of unix, but i dont know which is better for it, it is a vnet vl-760-4gb and it has an arm926-akchip processor



7 years ago

For a newbie, I'll second Ubuntu.

The latest netbooks have ample HDD storage and processor muscle, such that a pared-down netbook remix probably isn't necessary. I started monkeying around with Ubuntu 10.04 on an old laptop and it just. plain. works. If you want to dig in, play around, and learn something, you can later install a different distro that has a different feature set / desktop.

Three REALLY nice things about LiveUSB/CD/DVD distros is that
A) they're free (like free beer),
B) they're free (like freedom - open source, well documented, etc), and
C) temporary if you don't care for it.

This website: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/
is definitely an oft-visited site for me. If you don't wanna download and create your own LiveUSBs, you can buy CD's from
http://www.osdisc.com/cgi-bin/view.cgi/index.html -They ship quickly and a small collection is very affordable.

Be careful though - playing with various distributions of Linux can become kinda obsessively addictive. I have Crunchbang Linux (#!) Statler on my netbook and it works perfectly, and the Openbox desktop is fun to play around with.

Installing #! to a liveUSB with persistance can be fiddly, but there is ample documention in the forums.

Hope that helps, and have a lot of fun!

Oh, I missed that you have an older netbook. Try the full Ubuntu; if it is slow or doesn't fit on the machine, go with the remix.

In other news, my netbook came with Windows 7 "Starter" edition. I like to monkey with my computers, but W7Starter puts the user in a playpen and limits your control of things like your wallpaper. Trivial, really, but it pi$$ed me off and I gleefully nuked it on my HDD before installing #!.

Pick a flavor of Linux and go for it. If you don't like it, you can always switch to another.

Depending on what you want to do with the box, different Linux configurations have slightly different advantages and disadvantages... but for most of what you're likely to do on a netbook, those are differences which make very little real difference.


7 years ago

I assume you mean Linux, not Unix. I recommend you try Ubuntu Netbook Remix. It is designed specifically for netbooks. Ubuntu is the OS many OEM manufacturers install on their netbooks.
You can get it free HERE.


FreeBSD,NetBSD is good (thats what i've heard). I never used it as i was exposed to Linux. I use Linux , which i totally love , I learnt Unix-like OS on Linux.   FreeBSD THIS

Try MINT. Its pretty solid these days.