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What is the best use for flat foam containers that meat comes on? Answered

I am always baffled about what to do with them and I collect them and have used them for painting, bead holders, to cut little people out of and to make funky beads but I wonder what others out there do with them. Please don't tell me you throw them away without reusing them.


i remember seeing once that a guy had some large foam trays so he traced his foot print on it , cut it out and used it for cusioning insoles in his shoes. don't know how hygenic it is but hey i guess it would work.


9 years ago

foam makes REALLY good reusable templates for spray painting. Just cut out the area of the foam where paint should pass through, and you are done. if you punch a hole in a bottle cap, and a hole in the foam, then glue the bottle cap to the foam so that the holes line up, you can make a balloon hovercraft. Then just take a balloon, fill it up and stretch it over the bottle cap.

Well, I *do* throw them away, as we have no foam recycling here. :(

I know kindergarten teachers go thru tonnes of them (often donated) for arts/crafts.

good LED holder...

uhhh....I got nothin :S