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What is the best way of making an electric instrument?? Answered

I am making a musical instrument for a school project and i need something to adjust the volume and/or pitch, but i don't know what to use. I am only 13 so i have little resources and no money to spend so i was considering using a single wire and a guitar pickup (not actually a guitar pickup, a speaker backwards) and i want to know what the pros and cons of this method are and whether or not there is a way of making a dimmer switch. Thankyou in advance. P.S. Once i have a good idea i am going to plan it and take lots of photos and if it works i will post an Instructable. P.P.S. Everyone in my form at school is saying there making a rainmaker and guitar with elastic bands so I'm gonna really enjoy seeing there faces if this works!!! P.P.P.S. Should i have written P.S.S. and P.S.S.S etc.?



9 years ago

p.p.p.s would be correct. P.S stand for Post Script (latin for Afterword) so p.p.s is Post Post Script... ..but don't get carried away, it could look silly!


Answer 9 years ago

ps.see pps pps see ppps ppps see pppps pppps see ppppps ppppps pie