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What is the best way to control a computer by mouse from approx. 10-15 ft away? Is it possible? Answered

I've been looking for a way to use my mouse to control an old computer that I was looking to hook up to my tv. I had taken a look at using the mouse over ethernet cable, but according to discussion on that instructable, mouse won't work at that distance due to a timeout issue. WHat is the best way to control the computer by my tv, by mouse, from my couch?


similar to frollard,

I had the exact same issue with my old TV with a compy hooked up to it.
Solved using a wireless mouse and running a USB extension cable under the rug with the wireless mouse dongle at the end near my desk, some 6 meters (20') away.
Worked awesome.

I had the same issue and the usb cord across the room as well. .if you own a android phone though you can run mouse and keyboard over WiFi with droidmote in the market. its free and works great!


7 years ago

Get a wireless mouse, or a long USB extension cable. A USB cable might not the best option over long distances, though. You could of course move the computer closer to the couch.

Bluetooth. You can get a bluetooth mouse for as little as $15 on Amazon.

Or if the computer doesnt have a dongle, then just a wireless mouse with its own usb adapter... Worst case scenario get a 10m usb extension cord.