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What is the best way to cut gerass on a very steep sloped hill? Answered

My back yard is made up mostly out of an increadibly steep hill. For years I have used a non-propelled push mower for the top and mowed down until the mower has almost reached tipping point (just above the tree over the rock). From there I have to use a weed eater to cut the rest of the yard until its flat. this is a very difficult and time comesuming process that will drain anyone physicly and mentally.

How can I fix this? If I need new lawn equipment, I am willing to buy new equipment to end this nightmare. If i need to change my mowing technique i will try anything that anyone has to offer.


How about a Remote Controlled tracked lawnmower like this. http://www.evatech.net/PRODUCT.php?ID=6 If you can afford it. I'm trying to build something similar.


6 years ago

Having owned a home with a steep sloping backyard, I learned the best way to mow the grass was to start at the top. Using a regular rotary type power mower, work your way down, mowing from side to side, slightly overlapping each pass.
Keep an eye on the gas level in the tank, when it gets low, the outlet may become uncovered as the liquid moves to the side of the tank. Other than that, there is no real trick short of a riding mower or having someone else mow it that is any easier.
Wear shoes with good ankle support, because it can be easy to turn an ankle if your foot slips on the grass.

sounds like i need a new pair of shoes. the ones i use have no soals no grip and no ankle support

I don't have a mower recommendation, but shoes with cleats or spikes are a must! Golf shoes, soccer shooes, or spiked track shoes will all give you the grip you need.

You need rope and a hover-mower.

Stand at the top of the hill with your mower, start it, and tie the end of the rope around the trigger & handle to keep it running.

You then walk backwards and forwards along the top of the slope, letting the rope out a little more with each pass.

If you are using a mower with a cord, be very careful not to run over it.

(This is how the groundsman of the school a couple of streets from my parents used to mow part of the grounds that was on a 45 degree slope. He used a petrol hover-mower, but doesn't do it any more, because the school is now a housing estate.)

in thearoy it could work. but wouldnt the rear wheels of a lawn mower get caught on rough patches, stop the m,ower and cause it just to lift up?

That's why you use a hover mower - no wheels, and it can slide sideways.

+1 for flymo on a rope :D

He he. I was going to post exactly the same solution. Its great fun.


6 years ago

Mowing up and down wont work, either will side to side because the mower will start to slip down and it will take to much effort to keep it straight. When I cut grass on a hill I find it easiest to mow diagonally from one corner to the other, this makes the hill that you are mowing on seem less steep and doesnt require as much effort. But I would try all of these ideas and see what is easiest for you

it seems tyhat the diagonal way woul work great going uop but going down? how does that work?

for me it works great, I usually use a riding mower, but Ive done it with a push mower before, and if its still to steep try cutting at an easier angle not necessarily diagonal

ill try that. it seems it would work great


6 years ago

A pair of GOATS. Self powered, any terrain, self repairing, non polluting, fertilizing and rent able to others that need the service. Also can be kind of cute. And if you get the right one you can get milk out of it also. Turn you turf into produce. And when it wears out you get a nice dinner instead of a trip to the landfill.

Judging from the picture the neighbors are also in need of the service. I smell profit! Also smell goat pee.

haha pwerhaps that would be a solution. ill have to look further into this idea

soundfs like a solution. youre not the first one to tell me that. yunfortunatly the rest of the neighborhod would be pretty mad about goats always making a racket. so perfect solution if not for the location

You need something like this. Look down at the bottom of the page. That way if it rolls you'll be out of the way and it's still a powered mower.

what exactly is this machine and where can i find one?

Good answer. You can use these up and down on very hilly terrain.

No matter what equipment you get you will still have to mow it from side to side not top to bottom. If you really want to make things easier then spend the money to section the yard off into 1 or 2 steps. Split the yard in half starting at the bottom of the hill or split it into more then 2 sections. Build up a retaining wall about 2 feet high then dig out the section to level it out and fill in behind the wall. Do the same at each level you want a wall at. Be sure to leave a sloped section so move your mower up to each level or put in a set of stairs to each level. Then you can make better use of the space.

truely that would be the way to do it. how ever living in a large neighborhood i would need to hire a civil engieer to do it for me which would cost more than i could afford.