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What is the best way to freeze peas in the pod? Answered

I am finally getting a good crop of edible pod peas, also known as snow peas and/or Chinese peas.  These are the ones that are really sweet and you pick and eat the whole thing while its small. I have tried freezing them before but it didn't work very good. What is a good way to freeze them that will preserve the taste and texture? Will it work better if I cook them first?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Barf is right about the length of time in the boiling water bath. Make certain that the water is boiling first, blanching next, ice bath and then freeze. The ice bath stops the cooking so the pods won't be soggy. The blanching makes the green stay green. I think it has to do with natural enzymes. Lucky you. The heat killed off most of my pea pods.

Blanche, then freeze. Use slightly immature beans for best results.

By Blanche, I mean that you should cook them for ~3-4 minutes or so in boiling water, remove, damp off with paper towels or clean clothe towels, then promptly store in ziplocks, remove as much air as possible, and freeze.

The method I was taught says to boil ~5-6 quarts of water and blanche only 1lbs or less per batch.

I agree except for the blanche time; for snow peas I'd say 15 to 30 seconds max. and then chill them in ice water as soon as they come out. They're so thin, I think they would be nearly cooked after 3 or 4 minutes.

Perhaps so I guess I was thinking regular green beans. In fact, I somehow missed the photo that I'm staring at right now..