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What is the best way to handle telemarketers? Answered

Seriously, you hang up they call back, you say no thanks and they are relentless. I tried saying hold a minute and setting the phone down until they hung up but they called back with a vengeance.I know this is not very techy, I will make my next question more hands on.Thanks in advance!


I work as a telefundraiser and know the law inside and out. Here are some REAL tips for you if you do not want to be called again.

If you have done business with a company that sells things in the past, they are exempt. This means that even if you ask to be put on a do not call list...technically they don't have to. Most will. The do not call laws pretty much ONLY apply to a telemarketer cold calling to sell you something. HOWEVER, if they are calling, pitching you, and saying they will set up a meeting with a person for you to pay...then it's also exempt.

Also, if you hang up, or say no thank you, they will call back next time. When I call for nonprofits, they call about twice a year. You say no thanks, we will call back in six months. Also, if you hang up without saying anything, legally we can call you back. And we will, because we have no idea if we are speaking to the person listed, etc...

Any organization calling for donations does not have to follow the do not call laws. Most of them do. The company I work for follows them, but when we give the records back to the client, the client can legally erase any records we coded as do not call.

There are cases when I get someone elderly on the phone and has a hard time hearing me, I usually say that I'll just send them information in the mail and end the call. However, legally, that number can be called back next year.

I do donations, which means I do ask ladders. If my first ask is 100$, and you say no, then legally I can ask for $50, then $25. Most of the time nonprofits won't do more than three asks. It's legal. Be prepared.

If I ask for Mr. X, and the person who answers does not identify who they are...and say not to call...I can legally call back. Often I will get "Mr. X isn't home, is there a message?" And I'll say who I am calling for and that I will call back and the person will say no, no thanks, do not call...but by law that doesn't matter. I can and will call back (because the number will come up on my screen).

Also, if you give anyone your number, or put it in a public phonebook, you are giving them legal permission to call you. For the telemarketers, at least once. For fundraisers, if you don't give this year, we'll try next year. For one nonprofit, I was calling people whose last gift was in 1980. Yep, but because they had gone to that college, we could legally call them.

I'm not saying this to be a troll, I'm just telling you how it is so that if you do not want to be called you know what to do. If you HONESTLY want to end these calls, sit through the pitch, just keep saying no. At the end, say call me in six months/a year and repeat. By doing this, you will make telemarketing companies numbers go down, and eventually these sales people will see that phone sales don't work and stop doing it. I know it's time consuming, but coming from both sides...it's pretty much the best you can do.

I usually let him talk a sentence or two, then answer firmly but politely with "I'm seriously considering purchasing your product/signing up for your service/etc., but just not right now. Thank you." Then hang up. This way, the bloke knows that you're probably going to purchase his product anyway, and also understands that if he pushes you too hard, that you'll potentially change your mind. They'll usually leave you alone.

I usually say "I know you have a really difficult job, but I need you to put me on your Do Not Call List." There's no reason to punish the poor sap who calls you, they are obviously desperate for a job.

Get a Phone Zapper. It generates the phone company's audio tone that signals that your phone is disconnected. The telemarkter's computer will record your phone number as disconnected & not call again. I have one & I'm on the Do Not Call List & I get VERY few of these calls.

IF you have lots of time on your hands, you have to ask them lots of questions, slowly pertaining less and less to the product. You pass through 'So, where are you in the world then?' to 'What's the weather like' and utimatley 'So, what colour underwear do you have on?'. If they answer that, you get 10 points. Have a competition with your friends, see how many points you can get! You also get an extra point for every minute you stay on the line after the 10 points has been won ;-)


9 years ago

Get only your initial and last name in the phone book. When someone calls and asks form "Mr. X, Jones " you will know immediatly it is an unwanted call. Then you can hang up with confidence (without saying a word)

Make it clear that you're a non-sale. If they sell steak, you're a vegetarian. If they sell satellite radio, you're worried about cosmic rays and won't be convinced it's nothing to worry about. If they're selling phone service, you're getting $20/month world wide unlimited with your current provider. If they sell recipe books, you're actually publishing one yourself. Anything that'll peg you in the database as "don't bother" - they don't keep calling people back once it's clear they won't sell anything.

These are great! I blew tea out of my nose after reading lemonie's.

wait for them to get completely done talking and ask them to repeat it and see how many times they will repeat it lol

Another one is to ask "Does your phone ever do this?" - hang up. L

I second Thermoelectric's suggestion to put your name on the Do Not Call list.
Of course this does not work if you have recently done business with the company. What are they trying to sell you?

Another suggestion is to calmly (and politely as possible) interrupt the speaker. (You may need to loudly talk over them for a while, as these people are trained to prevent interruption.)

  • The first time, you need to ask for the phone number of the person who can permanently remove you from all calling lists of the company and its partners.
  • During any supsequent calls, explain that you only have more weeks before your request to be removed is processed.
  • If the caller still keeps talking to you, politely insist that you need the home address and home telephone number of the person you are speaking to - not of the company, the telemarketer's personal ones. Keep interrupting to ask for these. (Of course you won't get them.)

Practice speaking like a broken record to cut off lines of conversation. It may help if you pretend that there is not a person on the other end of the line, but a computer system with faulty voice-recognition.

Still, do not forget that it is a real person. However many times you need to cut them off, remember that this is just someone trying to feed his or her family.

. Tell them to put you on their Do No Call List.
. I use PhoneTray Free to block those that don't get the message.

There's a Do Not Call register, and after a month or so of being on the register it is pretty much illegal for them to ring you


9 years ago

You want them to hang up on you. The best way is when they ask a question say " one sec here's my whoever" and pass the phone to someone else. Repeat this between you and someone else. They will give up. You can also ask for the manager. That shuts them up. Or get pissed off and say "just wait a sec how would you feel if i called you at your house" and work off that

Or you could just say "One sec I'll put you onto the manager" and just leave the phone off the hook.