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What is the best way to hang/ display knives and swords? Answered

I have a fairly large blade collection and i need a way to display them for now they are clutterly on my dresser they need to br free and have room to breath. What is a good way to hand them from the wall?


There's a wonderfull site (I'll try to find the link) where you can buy display cases ranging from extremely tiny to ridiculously huge that holds knives/daggers/swords extremely well. I just got one and I tested it on a knife I had laying around (the knife I had bought for it hasn't come yet) and it worked great. You can choose from several different wood and felt choices.

Display cases are worthless. The only one you see is the top one. Everything else is under something else. Its like having a beautiful wife , but you can't touch her. The nails! The hair! The dress! Just for show! Get a nice log. Put a chunk on end stick your knives in. Easy to see, easy to touch, very rewarding! Like a good woman, she can cook (so can I ), dance, smile, and make you happy! She can look good too! Mine does! I am truly a happy man!

I use a dry log chunk. The knives look cool sticking out in all directions!

You could buy a long magnetic strip from most kitchen stores (or commercial kitchen outlet stores) which screw into your wall, try to hit the wall studs (16" o.c) then hang your blades from the strip. Other than that you can go to your hardware store and purchase wall hooks which you can screw directly into drywall (assuming your blades aren't too heavy). If you're not a fan of either of those options you could just stab the blades directly into your drywall, it'd look like a battle took place in your bedroom. awesome!