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What is the best way to hold food in a school hot line without drying out? Answered

Foods like grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, salmon. We need to hold the food in the temperature zone for about 1 hour before serving.


please do NOT keep it hot for an hour, rearange things, like batch heating or earlier lunch times, talk to the powers that be.things dont just dry out they become bad colour, less nutricious less appetising and go off if you mess about like that. but if you can then vacuum is the best preserver of any temperature


8 years ago

Do not keep it hot the whole time. Turn on the cabinet heaters and reheat the food just before lunch hour.

chaffing dishes with aluminum foil lids. Thats my only idea I have. but you need to keep the food above 140F.

Ideally you wouldn't be holding food in a hot cabinet for an hour, but you must have reasons behind this.
Aside from other comments, make sure the food just is cooked enough but no more than. If you are letting it sit in a hot place for an hour it will continue cooking and inevitably dry out.


Bain Marie Gastronorms with lids.

I don't know if this would work, but they get dry because the water in them evaporates. If the humidity in the hot zone was higher they wouldn't dry out, or at least not as fast. If it's a fairly enclosed space (like one of those glass covers you often see) you could put a bowl of hot water in their with them. It would evaporate, raising the humidity and stopping the food drying out. On the other hand.... it might just make things soggy.

The other option is to cover them with food wrap/cling film to keep the moisture in.