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What is the best way to make a prop giant sword? Answered

I'm thinking a single edge, six to eight feet in length, about a foot wide (blade to blunt side) and one to three inches thick. The design is not very ornate.


id use corragated cardboard reinforced with roofing wire, straightsticks, wood, or pvc. if u took a long peice of pvc and put 2 bentpeices of corrogated cardboard youd have a good durable sword with ahandle ready made. u can get all this stuff except the cardboard from ahardware store. for the cardboard just use old cardboard boxes or something

and also, use a whole crapload of duct tape. trust me, itll beindestructable and safe to swing at someone

If it's just going to sit in a corner as a static prop, you might look to the blue styrofoam at the building supply.

I would use a few layers of corrugated cardboard, glued together, then painted. You might want to cover exposed corrugations with masking tape before you paint it.