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What is the best way to matinee a vegan diet ? Answered

I just became a vegan today and so far its been going okay but I need some help keeping with it and I was wondering if anybody has any tools or technique they use or used please if you have any help for me. 



6 years ago

I just wrote an instructable on this very subject yesterday. It's called, "The Hearty Vegan: From Confused Carnivore to Voracious Vegan". Being a vegan is actually really fun! There are a lot of really yummy foods to try!

Vegetarian diets can help protect your heart. Many vegetarians eat nuts as a form of protein, and these nuts contain healthy fats called omega fats. Omega-3 and omega-6 both help the body reduce cholesterol, and work to unclog arteries. Because the vegetarian-diet tends to be rich in these oils, vegetarians may experience better cardiac health. fitness ellipticals

Well I'm vegetarian, so I  may know a little about your situation. Going vegan is going to be hard, especially if you do it on a whim. When I went it was a definite choice, and the only trouble is not cheating. Another thing you have to be very careful about is supplements. Many newborn vegans/vegetarians don't bother with supplements or overdoe them and, well, kick the bucket. Eat lots of nuts, or at least more than usual, because you will have no protein intake if you don't drink protein shakes (do you?). I would definitley consult a doctor or vegan friend on the matter, because these ar just suggestions.
Thanks :)

I don't take any kind of supplements or shakes I do eat nuts but not alot and thankes for your help. XD


8 years ago

Wow, spell check gone awry!  ;)

I'm not vegan, so the best I can suggest is to round up as many tasty vegan recipes as you can get your hands on.  Lots of variety will help you stay on the path.

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wow sounds like you have done alot ...It sounds fun and a little complicated

I assume you mean "maintain". 

But I wouldn't know.  I don't have a clue why anyone would want to be totally vegan. 

I would think that if you tapered off you body might adjust to it better.  It's not the best way to loose a lot of weight fast though.  You may find that you don't have much energy and don't get enough exercise to loose weight.  You will probably loose muscle mass, a bad thing since muscles are what burns the most calories.

It would be a good idea if you saw a doctor once in a while since you're not eating completely balanced meals and there are going to be things that you are missing.

But, who knows maybe you will be healthier than you are now.

Good luck.