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What is the best way to record video/audio from my PS3? Answered

I need something affordable to do this preferably under $100. I'm looking for some type of screen recorder. I play Rock Band 2 on expert and I want to record myself playing on the tv because when I use a video camera the quality is bad and you can barely hear the audio even if I have it turned up really high.


check out hauggpauge hd pvr im gonna get it
Tip: look on youtube for hd pvr ps3 or xbox

Get a dvd burner, connect the output of the PS3 to your dvd burner whala!


9 years ago

In addition to what nateh mentioned, there is no inexpensive way to interface with HDMI, currently. When playing BluRay movies, HDCP interferes with devices that are prohibited. To capture anything would require a dedicated device, capable of processing 1080P in realtime. Such devices currently cost upwards of $1000. Going to an analog input is cheaper, but will degrade your picture significantly.

You will need a TV Capture card. You will not be able to use HDMI if you currently are, however.
Here is a good product with free shipping.
For it to be able to be on your tv and capture card by splitting the composite video and audo (rca). You will need 3 of these and another RCA (red,white,yellow) cable (Both ends male).