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What is the best way to remove rust from chrome on an old bicycle. I have a vintage schwinn I'm restoring on the cheap? Answered

This is a 70's or 80's schwinn ten speed I'm converting into a single speed road bike. The paint is still good, the frame is in good shape. But there is rust on the crank, handlebars and other area's. 



I rebuilt my 1970 schwinn racer (single speed) and just used a very fine steel wool on the chrome and it brought it right up to a nice shine. If the part had dirty old grease on it, I would use varsol to clean that up first.

The old Schwinn bikes are great. I wish I had more room to rebuild more old bikes like that.

On a side note, you should be able to figure out the exact year of your bike by the serial number stamped in it by checking out this page http://www.angelfire.com/rant/allday101/SchwinnCodes1.html

Molasses. Mix with water at a ratio of about 10:1 (10 water, 1 molasses). Immerse the rusted item in the liquid for a few days (or how ever long is needed). The rust will turn into sludge that can be rinsed off in water (or lightly scrubbed). The molasses won't remove any chrome or steel, only the rust. Lube or otherwise coat the bare steel to prevent rust from returning. The good thing is that molasses is completely harmless. If the results are not satisfactory, try a stronger mix.

Try cola and aluminium foil

Any kitchen abrasive.

+1 it depends on how bad the rust is, I have often done this although I have found that plain hot water does just as well as cola.
It should certainly sort out any surface rust sufficiently for you to get a better idea of just how bad the rest is.

+1. I think Myth Busters even proved it on their show.

Naval Jelly. It is a commercial rust remover available at most hardware stores even if the clerk you ask has never heard of it.