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What is the best way to replace a damaged slat in a solid hardwood floor? Answered

We have a few damaged slats in our hardwood floor and we would like to replace them. We've purchased new slats and we've removed the old ones (mostly) but we were wondering how to place the new slats into the floor. What do you use for a vapor barrier? How do you affix the slats to the floor? Home Depot is not providing much help.


tightbond III is the one that's actually claimed to be waterproof; II is just considered water-resistant.


8 years ago

As seandogue wrote, you will have to remove the lower lip on the grooved side, and possibly round over the lower corner of the tongue. The glue will work (TB 3 or Gorilla-type) but for speed and convenience I would use 2" finish nails driven at a 45 deg. angle (back towards the tongue side), set them well, and then putty them. Finish-head screws also work well, but leave a slightly larger hole. As for vapor barrier, I would go with whatever is already there, even if it is nothing. You want the entire floor to move in unison with the conditions and not to have the replacement pieces moving differently because they are being affected by different (very local) conditions.

Yes, lemonie is correct, and he got to it first.

A good way to start is to look at what you had. How were the ones you removed fixed down, did you find a vapour-barrier (if "no" do you think it needs one)?


Poly glue more than "tends to" foam. If you're using this kind of adhesive, ALWAYS clamp/weight the parts until it has cured. Personally, I'd suggest something more like Titebond III, which doesn't foam and which is also outdoor-grade waterproof. Or epoxy, if you think you will need to bridge a gap. But picking adhesives is a religious debate; ask two woodworkers, get at least three opinions. I use all of these, and then some, depending on my best guess of what the joint will be subjected to.