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What is the best way to replace a water damaged floor that is covered by a built-in bathtub? Answered

We don't want to damage the tile, which is original from the 50s? We don't know how to dismantle plumbing? Ranch-style house.


I'm sorry, but it's really hard to help without more details. I'm assuming you're talking about vinyl flooring, but it makes a big difference if your sub floor is wood or concrete slab. If there's water damage there's a good chance there's mold too. Another thing to keep in mind with older houses with original vinyl (or vinyl from the 70s) is the presence of asbestos in the vinyl backing. Be careful if you decide to take it up.


8 years ago

If it is a typical ranch style built-in tub, rectangular, porcelain steel with a full front skirt, not even considering the plumbing, removing it is going to be big job and not an easy one for the typical DIYer.
Unless the floor structure has been damaged, I wouldn't recommend you even consider removing it. You can remove and replace the floor covering and sub-floor up to the skirt.
These type of tubs are set during the framing stage. There is a flange around the top of the tub, that is sometimes screwed or nailed to the wall studs and then, in all cases, plastered or drywalled over.
It can be removed, but it isn't an easy task.  My best advice is, if you don't know how to do it, don't even try.

Usually, the built-in tubs are installed _before_ the floor. Is the water damage through to the underfloor (plywood), or just superficial? If the underfloor between the tub and foundation is damaged, you don't really have much choice about moving the tub out of there.

Don't replace under the tub unless it's a claw-foot tub and the tile shows. If the tile shows then you pretty much have to take the tub out. The plumbing isn't hard if you've done it before but you might be better off getting a plumber to disconnect it and help you get the tub out of the bath.

If you mess up the disconnect the you might make it real hard to reconnect.  Or you damage the floor or wall then you 've got to fix that.


8 years ago

Photos? Is the tub itself tiled? Or is it enameled cast iron? Fiberglass? What kind of flooring is it? What kind of subflooring is it? Is the house built on a concrete slab? What caused the damage?