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What is the best way to study for Exams ? Answered

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Best Answer 8 years ago

This method worked for me on VERY difficult tests that I had to pass to keep my JOB !!!   And it worked on difficult tests to get my FCC licenses...
   Get yourself a stack of 3x5 cards.  For my test, i had about 400 of them !!!
   Write the QUESTION on one side.
   Write the CORRECT answer ONLY on the other side.
   Stack the cards up in one stack with QUESTION side UP. 
Now go through each card one at a time and see how many of them you answer RIGHT.... put them in ONE STACK.  Put the ones you get WRONG in another stack.  When you wrote the questions and answers, you were STUDYING... but you didn't know it.  You probably got a good amount RIGHT !!  Keep going through the stack untill the RIGHT pile is 90 percent and the WRONG pile is small.   DONT put multiple choice answers on your cards.... because that is STUDYING WRONG ANSWERS.  You dont want to see anything except RIGHT answers.  It also helps to SPEAK the question and the answer as you go.  By WRITING,, and READING and SPEAKING the questions/answers, your brain will absorb it pretty quick.  If you cant aford all those 3x5 cards, just cut paper with scissors into squares. 

Have a big folder where you keep all the information you have to know bit by bit, and at the end of the year read them!

Listen to this.  Probably written by someone who has taken many tests and scored highly on everyone of them.

Take good notes in class.
Start studying early.  A week in advance is not too far.
Don't study too long at a time.
Have someone give you practice questions.
If math, then work problems until you can work them at a glance.

The only way a test can be easy is if you really know the stuff.

Good luck and leave that cheat sheet at home.