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What is the best way to wrap gifts in an eco friendly way? Answered

Hi! I want to know what the most eco friendly way of gift wrapping is!



Best Answer 8 years ago

its a durable cloth that is reusable like a shopping bag/blamket etc. the wrapping can be the gift if you make or find a nice one.


As a kid, my family never had a lot of money, but our mom saved newspapers and old National Geographic magazines. So when birthdays and Christmas rolled around, that is what we used for wrapping papers! My brothers usually got the comics and me, being the youngest...well I used whatever was left, lol. Magazine pages make bautiful wrapping paper if there is a cool or unusual picture. They work really well for tiny boxes, but can be put together creatively, too.

Brown paper grocery bags. Cut off the bottom, cut up the seam, use as wrapping paper. Easy to decorate but looks nice plain wrapped in twine.


8 years ago

All newspapers give away what are called "end rolls". It's a looooong sheet of newspaper rolled on a thick cardboard core. They are blank, without any printing. You can call the newspaper office to find out how to get an end roll. Paint, stamp, or do any other decoration you want. They're great!


look through your recycle bin and see wat you find


8 years ago

We often wrap kitchen goods and/or food gifts in nice, new dishtowels or cloth napkins with a bit of ribbon to secure them.

 I like that...dishtowels/napkin are a very nice (and thoughtful) touch for a wrapper. My hat off 2 you.

I would definetly say news paper also. 


8 years ago

Use the comics section of your newpaper, particularly the Sunday comics,  to wrap kids gifts.
Make bows and ribbons from srcaps of colorful cloth.
Use shredded newspaper, printer paper, etc, as packing material instead of styrofoam peanuts.
Give gifts in re-usable gift bags.

Don't even buy wrapping paper, only reuse what paper you already have.

Probably by not wrapping them at all, and especially by not buying gifts that are contained in a half-pound of vaccuformed plastic and cardboard

My woman friends say that it's by using gift bags. Personally I hate gift bags, but whatever...Maybe it's a man thing, maybe I'm just a cold, heartless, desensitized jerk with no artisthtic flare... (prolly half right)

My dad always said it's best to use newspaper

A thought came to me...you could wrap them in leaves...although quite a pain in the keester.

best of luck

Unwrap them carefully one year and you can save the paper for the next year. Sure, not all of it you will be able to reuse but you might be able to reduce the amount you use by 80-90%?