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What is the best website to get decent knex instructions from? Answered



Where can I find instructables dot com?

Find a small yellow robot and ask him the way.

On the way back, can we stop at eHow and smack some people around for writing misleading or outright wrong how-to articles on topics they know nothing about?

Guess that's what happens when you start paying people for the articles, huh?

Look in this topic under tags and click one of those nice orange "knex"  tags. It will get you right to all the instructables that involve knex. ;)

Oh and you really didn't think we were going to advice another site were you?

The majority of K'nex instructions are on Instructables (unfortunately) but you may find a lot of instructions on youtube as well. Most of them are low quality or would otherwise be posted somewhere else. There are also a lot of really good creations on www.knexinnovation.net too that you can't find anywhere else.