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What is the best youth calibur revolver that has low cost? 500>? Answered

What is the best youth calibur revolver, (So basically lower than .357, I dont care about power much, as long as it can kill a squirrel or rabit, cleanly, and it has little recoil.) and is mainly less than 500 dollars. I've been looking at the .22 (Ruger?) Single Six, (Thats the actuall name, look it up.) revolver. Also, was anyone else but me REALLY friggen suprised there is a .17 calibur? I might loose that under a microsope... my gad, that must be reeeeaaaaaaaallllllllyy small. Like the the size of this "O" in quotes... wow...


I've got a single-six. It's a really nice gun, although reloading can get tedious after a while. If you plan on teaching a child the basics of shooting a pistol this is the gun I'd get. If it's the child's first gun ever though I'd get him/her a bolt-action rifle. If you get a .22 check out the colibri brand of ammunition. They don't use any powder so they're quiet (about like a firecracker). They're still pretty powerful. I sent one through an old deer-skull I found. Please don't kill any small animals you aren't going to eat. It's unsportsman-like.

Besides the fact that I am quite young, older than a child however, I've used plenty of guns to know what a revolver is. And, I dont know if this counts, but I've used many airsoft guns, and actually looked up how a magnum/revolver action worked with still putting force behind the bullet. It's flippin brilliant... Also, If im going to be killing a small animal, rabbit for instance, I will line my shoes or use it's fur for other purposes. Literally, My bed is covered by two sheep skin. Those things are sooooo warm. Also, ive heard rabbit meat is a tasty, however hard to cook meat. Have you eaten it?

No, but I have eaten squirrel, and I thought it was pretty good. Watch out for the diseased ones though, you might get rabies or something...

Funny story, my first gun was a .22 semi auto browning grade 1. I still love that gun. My second is a Mossberg 500 Bantam youth. That thing still has alot of kick.

Oh and also you can get a .22 magnum cylinder for the single-six. I was surprized how powerful a .22 mag is. I sent one of those through a thin sheet of steel.


8 years ago

Hi again
I'm 13 and I shoot .38 Special.
I have a .38 Special Uberti Colt Replicas.
I paid second hand 650 NZD for the pair.
So about 500 USD.
But since of the cost and universileaty of this sort of firearm.
I say that you cant go wrong with .22 Rimfire.
for 3 reasons.
1. Low recoil
2. Low cost 
3. Its great learning calliber


8 years ago

Hi There isnt a .17 cailber. But there is .177 cailber. It's the most popular air rifle bullet size. 2nd most popular is .22 Thanks Orro

Yes there is a .17 calibur.
Yes, .177 is a popular pellet size for airguns.
Yes, 2nd most popular IS .22 for airguns.

Im talking about real guns, not airguns.

The .17 is small but REALLY fast. I have one and so does my youngest son. It's good for varmint hunting, but does too much damage to squirrels and rabbits. I highly recommend the single six as well. Rugers are great value for money, but the Colt is super-sweet. The old H&R; revolvers are still pretty cheap, but solid and reliable. My youngest son has a Rohm, chambered for .22 short. It's kinda cheap, and I wouldn't reccomend it. Taurus and Rossi are both making decent pistols for the economy conscious shooter, and I've had good experiences with both.